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Mark Glazier's Tequila Collection

An Evening with Carlos Camarena

An Evening with German Gonzalez

Denton Fest II - Tequila Tasting - Main Event

Denton Fest II - Opening Party at Mark's house.

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La Altena with Carlos Camarena

Untitled Album

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Denton Fest II Program

Agave Idiots

Spirits of Mexico & Lobster Bus #9

A day with Robert Denton & Marilyn Smith

SOM 2013 & Lobster Bus #8

Casa Noble Tequila Week

Tequila Flights & Reviews

La Capilla Cantina in Tequila

Siete Leguas Distillery Tour


Herradura Barrel Contest

Agave Idiots From Around the World.

East Coast Tequila Aficionados.

Visiting Tequila Sauza in the town of Tequila in Jalisco.

Excellia Tequila Tasting

The Fortaleza Tequila Distillery - Los Abuelos

Tequila Analysis.

National Tequila Day 2013

Agave Idiots visit to Jalisco

Tequila Casa Noble at La Cofradia

Agave Idiots & Tequila Fortaleza at La Biblioteca

Fortaleza Dinner at Stone House with Guillermo Sauza


Agave Idiots / VooDoo Tiki Tequila Tasting to benefit Leukemia

Celebrating my 50th Birthday with a special Tequila Flight

Agave Idiots Party April 26th

Siete Leguas at Copper Canyon

A special edition limited production El Tesoro 70th Aniversario.

Casa Noble Internet Tasting

Agave Idiots BVI Sailing Trip 2013

Agave Idiots Fortaleza Tasting at Copper Canyon

Boat with Guillermo and Billy

Agave Idiots Tequila Tatsing at Havana Cigar Club

Agave Idiots SoCal Tequila Tour

Agave Idiots kick off Fortaleza tour to a full house at ANEJO NYC

Agave Idiots at El Zarape in San Diego

Agave Idiots join Agave Spirits Tasting Panel

Old tequila bottles from my collection.

Agave Idiots donate $2000 to SKY Ranch for At-Risk Youth

Fortaleza's NY Debut with Guillermo Sauza & the Agave Idiots

Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio Tequila #435

Agave Idiots Florida Chapter Tequila Tasting

Tequila Home Aging Project

Agave Idiots Magical Mystery Bus.

Tequila Joes Pre-launch Tasting

Agave Idiots go old school with Robert Denton Chinaco Blanco.

Tequila in Italy

Agave Idiots & Scorpion Mezcal at Mayahuel Cantina.

2012 Holiday Weekend at the Mark G's house.

Agave Idiots visit with Zack, German Gonzalez and Don Pilar at Ol

Post-prohibition 1934 Tequila Pechuga Mezcal

Spirits Of Mexico NYC - May 2012

Spirits Of Mexico 2012 - San Diego

NYC 2013 Tequila Festival

Agave Idiots visit El Agave Tequila Museum.

Agave Idiots visit Cantina Mayahuel in San Diego.

Agave Idiots Labor Day Beach party. 8/2012

Agave Idiots Boulder, CO Party @ Tahona

Tanteo Tasting in Colorado