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denton-image-4Join the Agave Idiots in New York City as we host tequila legends Robert Denton and Marilyn Smith for Denton Fest II. We have confirmed a date with Robert Denton and Marilyn Smith so mark it on your calendars. Denton Fest II will be held June 27th-29th weekend. The main event will be held on Saturday June 28th.

denton-image-1Denton Fest II historic tequila tasting official invitations will be emailed out within the next 10 days. All information regarding time, dates and events will be attached. Please look out for this invite. If you haven’t received it by May 21st please contact us. Even if you have already confirmed attendance you will need to RSVP by May 30th so that we can order the food, T-shirts, tasting glasses etc. We’ll need to know which events you’ll be attending and whether you are coming single or bringing a spouse. There will be an opening night dinner/meet and greet with Robert Denton and Marilyn Smith at Mark G’s NJ house on the 27. The main tasting event and luncheon will be in NYC on the 28th followed by dinner later that evening. If you haven’t already done so, please send your email address to or



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Agave Idiots is a global community of tequila enthusiasts, fanatics, connoisseurs and aficionados that share a common interest in tequila and a passion of the Agave Spirit. It’s a community of like-minded tequila enthusiasts that share information and knowledge about tequila in an enjoyable and social manner.

Agave Idiots routinely discuss different brands and types of tequila, tastings notes, tequila collections, bottles, collectibles  places to buy tequila, tequileiras and restaurants, industry information, events, tequila tourism, education, Mexican tequila culture and more. Through varied communications and social events, the organization creates awareness about tequila, and encourages newcomers to join and participate too.
903461_515147781864895_232949847_oThe Agave Idiots’ community is both virtual and physical – members routinely communicate through Facebook and online as well as get together for public and private tasting events. These events are a great way to experience a wide variety of different tequilas, learn and have some fun.

In addition to enjoying tequila, Agave Idiots is committed to helping those in need, and support a number of charities and foundations. Agave Idiots support the responsible enjoyment of tequila.

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